Welcome to Scentsational Oils by Reese online store. Discovering the highest quality in essential oils, perfume oils,  and aromatherapy products.

Scentsational Oils by Reese offers over 300 choices of therapeutic essential oils, as well as designer Perfume Body Oils in different sizes. With Essential Oils, quality is every thing.  Indulge yourself with our pure and affordable essential oils, blends, as well as other quality fragrance body products.

Scentsational oils are highly concentrated containing no alcohol or water to affect the fragrance.  Perfumes with fillers will spoil and depending on their quality, they usually have a 6 to 8 months shelf life.  But pure perfume oils will retain their fragrance year after year.  Scentsational oils by Reese offers hundreds of Perfume Oils in 2 groups to choose from: Traditional such as French Vanilla, and the Designer type for Men and Women such as Chanel #5. Fragrance oils formulated to emulate designer scents.   

Indulge your skin with body oils that are designed to protect skin from moisture loss while keeping its elastic and youthful looking. These Body Oils are made with the finest cold-pressed oils and pure Essential oils, including natural Vitamin E, which smooth and soften the skin. All of our Essential Products listed in this page are made of 100% Pure Essential Oils and high quality Carrier Oils.